2022-02-20 Weekly Ham Radio Activities

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Recap 🔁

  • 02/16 Wed 1900 LCARA Business Meeting - Budget was approved
    • Funds are tight this year, due to increased internet service cost and decreased income due to pandemic.
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Upcoming Events 🗓

  • 02/23 Wed 1900 LCARA Technical Committee Meeting
    • Held at LCARA clubhouse. Open to members only!
    • Details about the station, repeaters, existing and new projects will be discussed.

Nets ✅

Tower PSA

Last weekend Kie (KD7UQR) and Rick (WA7RPM) were taking down an HF tower and very nearly avoided a tower collapse accident!

Not sure who needs to hear this, but before you work on any tower, it’s essential to have a plan and do a safety check of all connection points, guywires, and structures. Plan for contingencies and worst-case scenario and ensure everyone on site understands the work and expectations.

In this case, the tower being lowered had 3 legs, one of which was intended as a pivot point. In the pivot leg, the bolt that should have been securing the structure to the base was missing, which went unnoticed. When 2 of the three guywires were slacked, the tower could not hold itself up without the base support and fell over, damaging the triband beam in the process.

Thankfully no one was hurt, but this is a reminder to all of the dangers present when working on towers.

Thanks for reading.

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