2022-03-27 Weekly Ham Radio Activities

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  • Thanks to Matt KD7BBJ for pulling long hours Friday and Saturday working on the LCARA grounds, mowing, and facilitating the repair of the club-owned lawnmower blades and tires.
    • Thanks Marc NC7P for helping out with string trimming.
    • Maintaining the grounds allows LCARA to maintain a good relationship with the property owner and retain usage of the site. Please contribute to the groundskeeping effort when and where you are able, especially this season.
  • Thanks to all stations who participated in the Simplex Operation following last Monday’s net. A full report and tabulation is forthcoming.
  • Thanks to Ed K7WCT for sparking a renewed interest in packet radio and providing Signalinks for a few interested club members to build up the local user base.

Upcoming Events 🗓

  • 03/30 Wed 18:30 LCARA Potluck at the Clubhouse.
    • Bring a dish to share for 10-12.
    • Families welcome.

Nets ✅

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If you have events or reports that should be included in this weekly newsletter, please send them to kf7hvm@0x26.net.