2022-08-08 Weekly Ham Radio Activities

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Recap 🔁

  • 08/02 Tue National Night Out
  • 08/03 Wed Cowlitz County ACS Meeting
    • Thanks to Jim WE7JIM for providing ELT training following the meeting.

Upcoming Events 🗓

  • 08/13 Sat 1000 VE Testing at LCARA Clubhouse
    • Pre-registration required, email Mike Bates

Nets ✅

GMRS Repeater

For users of K7RAP’s GMRS repeater on 462.650 MHz (GMRS 5):

As of 7/21 there is both encode and decode tone of 114.8 Hz

Depending on your radio manufacturer, you may need a privacy tone of 16 or 17, rather than the CTCSS frequency of 114.8 Hz.

See FRS/GMRS privacy codes demystified for a basic rundown assuming zero familiarity with the subject.

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