2023-05-21 Weekly Ham Radio Activities

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Recap 🔁

  • 05/17 Wed LCARA Businesss Meeting [Minutes]

Upcoming Events 🗓

  • 05/24 Wed 19:00 LCARA Technical Meeting at LCARA Clubhouse

Next Month

  • 06/02 Fri - Sun SEA-PAC Ham Convention [info]
  • 06/07 Wed 19:00 Cowlitz County ACS Meeting as LCARA Clubhouse
  • 06/14 Wed [TENTATIVE] 19:00 LCARA Presentation Night: WSPR Beacons
  • 06/10 Sat - Sun ARRL VHF Contest
  • 06/17 Sat Tour de Blast Bike Race [ACS]
  • 06/21 Wed 19:00 LCARA Business Meeting at LCARA Clubhouse

Amateur Radio Field Day - Jun 24

LCARA is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year with a Field Day barbeque and operating station at Willow Grove park. The event is scheduled to start at 11:00a with camping available on-site Saturday night for pre-registered club members.

Sporadic E

As we get closer to summer we’re also entering some Sporadic E seasonal conditions. We’ve enjoyed about 3 months of great band conditions on 10 meters through the early portion of 2023 with the rise of Solar Cycle 25 but now the sun and atmospheric conditions have other ideas.

The web link below will explain what Sporadic E means and how we might enjoy it. As far as Solar Cycle 25 is concerned, it’s not over, it’s still heading upwards. The lazy band conditions are all a part of the build-up thanks to our sun. Working those fleeting signals via sporadic E can be fun on 10 meters but don’t forget about 6 meters. Put up a 6 meter dipole or vertical and start listening!


73, Brian KJ7OX

For Sale: Tower Sections

You may have heard that Rick WA7NWN has some used tower sections at his house. The’re not doing any good on the ground. Some one should be using them!

  • 10 sections of Rohn 25 (incl. 1 top piece)
    • $50 / section
  • 6 sections of Rohn 45 (incl 1 top piece and tip over base)
    • $75 / section

Please contact Rick Ouzts, 360 274 8207

Nets ✅

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