dzcb - DMR Zone Channel Builder

After 3 months of sporadic development, Iā€™m pleased to announce the public release of my DMR codeplug generator, dzcb.

dzcb is designed to remove manual editing steps from DMR codeplug management, preferring to take channel data from upstream sources such as,, and If there is a problem with the generated codeplug, the best fix is to correct the data at the source, such that it benefits the largest number of operators.

dzcb uses Github Actions to create codeplugs in the cloud, so no software needs to be installed to generate or edit the source files of a codeplug. Users are free to fork the upstream mycodeplug/dzcb repository and make their own modifications, which will also be built in the cloud. Here is my personal fork of dzcb that I use to generate codeplugs for my TYT MD-UV380 and Radioddity OpenGD77.

For more information see:

Written on January 20, 2021

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