2022-05-01 Weekly Ham Radio Activities

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Gratitude πŸ™Œ

  • A special thanks to the family and estate of Bob KB7ADO Morehouse (SK) for making a substantial gift to LCARA in memory of Bob. (Details at May Business Meeting)
  • Thanks to Matt KD7BBJ for getting the clubhouse lawns mowed last Friday. 🌱

Recap πŸ”

  • 04/20 Wed LCARA Business Meeting [Minutes]
  • 04/27 Wed LCARA Technical Committee
    • Repeater subcommittee was formed to plan and execute repeater site development over the summer. For more information, reach out to Glen N7UIG.
  • 04/30 5th Saturday Data Comm Exercise
    • KF7HVM (NCS)
      • APRS+Winlink: KD7UQR, K7WCT, AD7UF, N7QIN, KB6OWW,
      • Winlink Only: KA7LRC, KJ6ETR, AE7KJ
      • APRS Only: KD7BBJ, KI7RSB, KI7RSA
      • Voice Only: WA7RPM, KB7PMO
    • Biggest issue was related to Winlink P2P message passing, in the event of an emergency which takes down the internet and/or winlink gateway stations we need further capability development in preparation for June 15th exercise.
    • APRS Object Spotting was a fun activity for everyone involved using the YAAC client to manipulate shared objects on the map.

Upcoming Events πŸ—“

  • 05/04 Wed 1900 Cowlitz County ACS Meeting (ZOOM only)
    • Meeting link sent to members Wednesday morning (no one will be at the clubhouse)
  • 05/07 Sat 0800 - 0900 Region IV Interop Meeting
    • Representatives from Cowlitz, Clark, Skamania, and Wahkiakum counties sync up on zoom regarding regional emergency preparedness.

Down the Road

These larger events coming in June are actively looking for participants and may need help planning, reply for more information.

  • June 11th: Century Bike Race (N7EI)
  • June 15th: Cowlitz County Communications Exercise (N7DEM)
  • June 18th: Tour de Blast (W7DG)

Nets βœ…

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