2022-04-24 Weekly Ham Radio Activities

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Recap 🔁

  • 04/20 Wed 19:00 LCARA Business Meeting at LCARA
    • Minutes will be posted next week.

Club Station Upgrade ⬆️

New 80m dipole was installed on Friday. Still needs some fine tuning, but it’s working and brings 80m capability back to the W7DG station.

New Hams

From Charles, AD7UF, who hosted a “last chance” exam before the fee changed. 15 new licenses or upgrades, including 5 from the Boling family.

Ahrens, Robert             KK7FMZ        Technician
Cooley, William            KK7FNA        Technician
Eastwood, Kiera            KK7FNB        Technician
Eldredge, Elnathan         KK7FNC        Technician
Ferrin, Brian              KK7FND        Technician
Garoutte, Douglas          KK7FNE        General
Godfrey, Timothy           KK7FNF        Technician
Healy, Richard K           KK7FNG        Technician
Healy, Sean P              KK7DSD        Extra
Kennington, Lester         KK7FNH        Technician
Boling, Jonathan           KK7FNI        General
Boling, Kayliana           KK7FNJ        Technician
Boling, Liliana            KK7FNK        Technician
Boling, Steven             KK7FNL        General
Boling, William            KK7FNM        General

FCC Licensing Changes ✅

Upcoming Events 🗓

  • 04/27 Wed 1900 LCARA Technical Committee Meeting
    • Held at LCARA clubhouse. Open to members only!
    • Details about the station, repeaters, existing and new projects will be discussed.
  • 04/30 Sat 08:00 - 13:00 5th Saturday Comm Exercise
    • This will be a primarily digital / packet exercise. Stations will be expected to receive orders via APRS and submit reports via Winlink (or voice to net control, then Winlink).
    • Reply to be added to the participant list for more details by email.

Down the Road

These larger events coming in June are actively looking for participants and may need help planning, reply for more information.

  • June 11th: Century Bike Race (N7EI)
  • June 15th: Cowlitz County Communications Exercise (N7DEM)
  • June 18th: Tour de Blast (W7DG)

Nets ✅

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