2022-06-05 Weekly Ham Radio Activities

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Upcoming Events 🗓

  • 06/11 Sat Century 100 Bike Race (N7EI)
  • 06/11 Sat ARRL VHF Contest
    • 1000 PDT Saturday - 1859 PDT Sunday (1800 UTC Saturday - 0259 UTC Monday)
    • The club station will be operating 2m, 70cm, and 33cm beams on SSB; and 6m, 2m, 70cm FM verticals. At least three stations can be operated at the same time, if we have enough participants.

Later This Month

There’s a lot going on this month! Mark your calendars.

  • 06/15 Wed 1900 LCARA Business Meeting
  • 06/18 Sat 0800 Tour de Blast Bike Race
  • 06/24 - 25 Sat & Sun Amateur Radio Field Day
  • 06/29 Wed 1800 5th Saturday Potluck TBD (details at Business Meeting)

Nets ✅

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