2023-02-12 Weekly Ham Radio Activities

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Recap 🔁

  • 02/08 LCARA Presentation Night w/ KJ7OX [recording will be posted next week]
  • 02/11 VE Testing [Results TBA]
  • Solar Cycle 25 Info from KJ7OX

Upcoming Events 🗓

  • 02/15 Wed 1900 LCARA Business Meeting as the LCARA Clubhouse
    • ZOOM link to be sent out Wednesday morning
  • 02/18 Sat Salem Ham Fair (Rickreall) [flyer]
  • 02/18 Sat ARRL DX Contest CW

75th Anniversary 🎂

Brian KJ7OX brings to our attention that this year, 2023, is the 75th anniversary of the Lower Columbia Amateur Radio Association (founded 1948).

If you have ideas for how to mark and celebrate this anniversary, please bring them to the LCARA Business meeting this Wednesday, or reply to this email and let me know.

Clubhouse Internet

Last week, LCARA switched internet providers for the clubhouse. The connection should be noticably faster and more reliable now. The wifi network name and password have not changed.

Please report any issues you experience with the internet at the clubhouse to Glen N7UIG or Masen KF7HVM

Note: remote access to the clubhouse radio(s) is currently not operable due to technical issues that we are in the process of working out. Remote access should be restored in March 2023, please reply to this email if you are a remote radio user and want more information.

Next Week

  • 02/22 Wed 1900 LCARA Technical Committee Meeting
  • 02/25 Sat 0900 Cowlitz ACS Exercise
    • Details TBD. Open to all. Please RSVP if interested in participating.

Nets ✅


Other Nets

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