2023-02-05 Weekly Ham Radio Activities

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Recap 🔁

  • 02/01 Cowlitz County ACS Meeting

Solar Cycle 25

Bryan KJ7OX shares the following,

With the rise of solar cycle 25 it’s time for a little education. To know where we are in the current cycle see the attached image plucked from a solar weather website. We have several good years of band conditions coming so enjoy!

Along with these band conditions there will be an untold number of amateur radio operators filling all bands for the next several years day and night from around the world. Let’s set some good examples and be our best, we never know who’s listening.

Lets begin with 10 meters. Since 10 meters is likely to be the band most newer or less experienced hams will start out with on HF we need to set a few basic ground rules so bad habits don’t take on a life of their own.

  1. Listen and learn.
  2. Know your radio, get out the manual and keep it close by. Newer menu driven radios require ongoing attention and when band conditions get rough you’re going to want to change settings for transmit/receive to help make those contacts.
  3. Be courteous and set good examples.
  4. Everyone’s listing.
  5. Identify every 10 mins or before!
  6. If you need to tune your antenna, find a clear area to tune/test so as not to interfere with others. Do not hit the auto-tune button on your radio on top of anyone, especially where you plan to operate.
  7. Ask if the frequency is in use! I hear so often that some newer hams will just begin calling CQ before asking if the frequency is in use. You wouldn’t like it if someone interfered with you. Remember, we often only hear one half of the conversation.

You get the idea here so I won’t add anything else as it’s universal common sense.

Please be aware of how you speak, how you have your transmit audio settings arranged and one of my pet peeves, “over blown modulation” and distorted audio. Remember, Less = more! Do not crank up microphone gain and processing/compression without going through your radios user manual. Have someone get on the air with you to help learn what the limits are. Don’t get angry if someone critiques you and tells you that you sound bad, you probably do and it’s your fault. Thank them and ask if they might help you with some suggestions to sound better, most hams will be happy to provide meaningful suggestions.

Lastly, see the article “It’s not your mic, it’s you!” by Steve Katz WB2WIK/6 [PDF]. It also speaks to what I mentioned above.

73, Brian KJ7OX

Upcoming Events 🗓

THIS WEEK February 8, 2023 - Presentation Night: Homebrew Quad Loop

Brian KJ7OX shares his experience with building and operating a vertically oriented, horizontally polarized, rectangular quad loop for 10 meters.

Brian's Antenna Analysis

For more information on this antenna build, supplies, and dimensions please see the following links:

THIS WEEKEND Saturday, February 11, 2023 10:00am - VE Testing Session

If you or a friend are interested in taking a test, please email Mike Bates de.n7dq@gmail.com.

Upcoming test dates for 2023 are 5/13, 8/12, and 11/18. All are on the second Saturday of the month except for 11/18 because of Veterans Day. For more information, check the LCARA Website.

If you are a VE or are intersted in helping to coordinate upcoming exam sessions, please let us know.

Next Week

Later This Month

  • 02/22 Wed 1900 LCARA Technical Committee Meeting
  • 02/25 Sat 0900 Cowlitz ACS Exercise
    • Details TBD. Open to all. Please RSVP if interested in participating.

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If you have items for sale or trade that may be of interest to this group, please let me know.

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