2023-03-12 Weekly Ham Radio Activities

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Recap 🔁

  • 03/08 Wed NOT LCARA Presentation Night
    • Although no topic was scheduled for presentation, some members did come up to the clubhouse only to discover as much in person. My sincere apologies for lack of clarity with regard to presentation night.
    • Note that I will email, announce on net, and post to facebook when presentation night will occur.
    • Only the ACS Meeting (first Wednesday) and LCARA meeting (third Wednesday) are regularly scheduled.
    • Presentation night (second Wednesday) and Technical Committee (fourth Wednesday) meetings will occur as topics are available and will be announced at least one week prior to the event.

Upcoming Events 🗓

  • 3/15 Wed 19:00 LCARA Business Meeting at LCARA Clubhouse [+ ZOOM]
  • 3/18 Sat 13:00 Third Saturday Operating/Training: Learn how to operate the LCARA club station

Later in March

WSDOT Communication Exercise

Next 5th Saturday exercise is April 29. Cowlitz County ACS is currently planning where and how to participate in the exercise, which will involve scripted observations, message passing, and Winlink HF operations across EoCs in the state.

Club History

Please note the image here.

This is a screenshot from a 1930-31 callsign book. I’ve highlighted the callsign W7AOB Dr. John Nelson who then lived in Tekoa, WA in Whitman County. It’s important to remember our past club members and their contributions to what we now enjoy. W7AOB was an early driving force and one of a few forefathers of what was to become the Lower Columbia Amateur Radio Association which began in 1948. It was the disastrous 1948 floods in Longview which drew hams together in the interest of the community and as a group and we’ve maintained this spirit ever since.

It should also be noted that much of what we have now in the way of new equipment, how we pay our bills and survive is a direct result of a legacy left to the LCARA by Dr. John Nelson. Many other hams over the decades have provided sweat and donations to keep our club going. Here and now, a big thanks goes out to those members who work on keeping the club going.

Shared by Brian KJ7OX

An HF Primer

For new General class operators, or those coming back into the hobby after a time away, I’ve found VK3YE’s HF Primer to be a great resource for getting an overall idea of what operating on HF bands is like.


His website is also chock full of other useful information and definitely worth a visit.

Nets ✅

For Sale 💸

  • Suitable for use in general purpose wiring applications and may be installed in raceway, conduit, direct burial and aerial installations.
  • A full unopened 2000’ spool and a partial spool are available.
  • Rick Blackburn, KI7IF, offers to cut to length and will ‘meet up’ for delivery in Longview.

Price .25/foot cut pieces or .20/ft - $400 for full spool.

Contact - rablackburn [at] gmail [dot] com or 503 789-7449

Thanks for reading.

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