2023-03-26 Weekly Ham Radio Activities

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Recap 🔁

  • 3/22 Wed LCARA Technical Committee Meeting [Minutes]

Upcoming Events 🗓

  • 3/29 Wed 18:30 LCARA Potluck at LCARA Clubhouse
    • Please bring a dish to share for 10-12
    • MEMBERS and Family ONLY

Next Month: April ☔️

  • 04/05 Wed 19:00 Cowlitz ACS Meeting
  • 04/12 Wed 19:00 LCARA Presentation Night with Brian KJ7OX
    • “Antenna Modeling” using MMANA-GAL modeling software.
    • We’ll build a dipole in software to see and understand its pattern as well as a multi-band short doublet with DX performance in mind.
  • 04/19 Wed 19:00 LCARA Business Meeting at LCARA Clubhouse

04/29 WSDOT Communication Exercise

Next 5th Saturday exercise is April 29. Cowlitz County ACS is currently planning where and how to participate in the exercise, which will involve scripted observations, message passing, and Winlink HF operations across EoCs in the state.

Nets ✅

Club Updates

75th Anniversary

Look to your left as you enter clubhouse door and you’ll find a new wooden sign, on the Memory Wall, “LCARA 75”, to commemorate the club’s 75th anniversary this year.

LCARA 75 sign, click to expand

Thank you to Sherrie KF7YPD and Rick W7RWA for your gift to LCARA.

Gratitude 😊

Thanks to Rick WA7RPM for diagnosing the recent issues with the furnace. New parts ⚙️ are on the way, and Brian KJ7OX will install new a new filter, so we can all breathe a bit easier 🌬️.

Thanks to Brian KJ7OX for coordinating the repair 🔧 of the IC-7610 touch screen with ICOM that was mentioned at the March business meeting (no cost estimate yet 🤞).

Thanks to Steve K7KO for adding labels 🏷️ and organizing the physical stations at the clubhouse!

Repeater Status

  • 147.260 MHz: Repeater occasionally has trouble with input, so the club is in the process of identifying and purchasing a replacement commercial-grade repeater antenna.
  • 147.100 MHz / 444.900 MHz: Repeater has persistent issues transmitting. Earl N3EG measured a -10dB difference in the received signal compared with 147.260. More investigation is ongoing, but a replacement antenna will likely be needed (all three clubhouse repeaters share one tri-band antenna).

Instruments of Law & Order and Decency

Brian KJ7OX shares a bit of lore from some earlier days in the Amateur Radio Service, written by the well known L. B. Cebik, W4RNL (SK)

Have you ever seen a Wouff-Hong or a Rettysnitch?



With these ancient tools, you too can do your part to bring decency and order to the airwaves.

Online Scanner Back Up

After a few months offline, I happy to announce that my time-shifting multi-channel scanner + recorder is now back on the air, in a new and much improved location. Thanks to Rick WA7RPM for helping me deploy and test the scanner.

👂 👉 scanner.kf7hvm.com 📢

The scanner hears most major VHF repeaters in the area from 146.100 MHz to 147.500 MHz and many simplex frequencies. Now you can catch up on repeater traffic or nets that were missed or keep an ear on things using a smartphone.

For Sale 💸

RFConnectors Adapter Kits

Contact me, KF7HVM, for further information on the connector kits.


Retail new from $900 - $1300. [Spec Sheet]

Asking $400 or best offer for Partial set shown below.

RFA-4022 Partial Set


Retail new from $175. [Spec Sheet]

Asking $100 for complete set.

RFA-4024 Complete Set

Thanks for reading.

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