2023-05-07 Weekly Ham Radio Activities

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Recap 🔁

  • 05/03 Wed 19:00 Cowlitz County ACS Meeting at LCARA Clubhouse

Upcoming Events 🗓

  • 5/10 Wed 19:00 LCARA Presentation Night: Winlink from the Ground Up
    • Presented by Masen Furer KF7HVM
    • Installing Winlink Express, walking through registration, message composition, message types, forms, sessions, and supported modes for HF and VHF.
    • Explaining different gateway software and operating modes
  • 5/13 Sat 10:00 VE Testing Session at LCARA Clubhouse
    • Pre-registration is required.
    • Mike Bates, N7DQ is retiring from coordinating testing sessions. The club is currently looking for a qualified VE that can take over the coordination of quarterly testing sessions as a service to the community.

Later This Month

  • 05/17 Wed 19:00 LCARA Businesss Meeting at LCARA Clubhouse
  • [TENTATIVE] 05/24 Wed 19:00 LCARA Technical Meeting at LCARA Clubhouse
  • [TENTATIVE] 05/31 Wed 18:30 5th Wednesday Potluck

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