repeater map

Just what it sounds like, plotting repeaters on a map… But not just any repeaters, these are the ones that myself or other local hams personally use and can vouch for. Where possible, I’ve tried to provide useful comments and reports as well as net schedules, but it’s sure to get out of date.

I also want to visualize, refine, and understand the amateur supported communications backbone in the Pacific Northwest and none of the existing tools allow me the flexibility to combine arbitrary numbers of frequencies and information across networks and state lines.

But mostly this is a practice project to get familiar with map libraries and working with repeater data in preparation for a few APRS related projects coming up.

ham2mon - SDR multisignal scanner

ham2mon-gui demo (up as of 2021-01-03)

ham2mon-gui originally by slavik0329 with some modifications

blog posts

dzcb - DMR Zone Channel Builder

Beta DMR codeplug generator for Anytone CPS 578/868/878, Farnsworth EditCp (TYT MD-UV380) and GB3GF CSV (OpenGD77).

The codeplug generator downloads data from, SeattleDMR, and Repeaterbook to combine into a WA/OR regional codeplug.

The main repo (mycodeplug/dzcb) contains the python source and builds codeplugs with default settings for the MD-UV380, MD-UV390, MD380, MD390, 578, 868, 878, and OpenGD77.

The mycodeplug/example-codeplug repo leverages the dzcb tool and adds some additional customizations:

  • A list of repeater book locations for analog
  • Custom zone and contact ordering
  • Additional scanlists

downloading the generated codeplug

Anyone can fork mycodeplug/example-codeplug, enable github actions, and build their own customized codeplugs in the cloud. See walkthrough for a step by step guide.

See project for supported input/output formats and more usage information.

Miscellaneous Project Posts

Upcoming Projects

I’ve got a lot in flight, want to help out? Register on my forum where I keep track of the latest progress.

  • - coordinating propagation testing
  • qsowatch - a new way of visualizing DMR network traffic
  • USB+standalone PTT switch w/ PC data+voice for Yaesu FT-2900
  • HF multiband wire dipole
  • Roll up J Pole (portable antenna)
  • Cell phone autopatch
  • APRS repeater info bot
  • APRS multi user web client
  • Kenwood TM-V71 / Raspberry Pi TNC / Packet setup

Landing page / planning for my online DMR code plug editor in early development.