ham2mon - SDR multisignal scanner

ham2mon-gui demo (up as of 2021-01-03)

ham2mon-gui originally by slavik0329 with some modifications

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dzcb - DMR Zone Channel Builder

Beta DMR codeplug generator for Anytone CPS 578/868/878, Farnsworth EditCp (TYT MD-UV380) and GB3GF CSV (OpenGD77).

The codeplug generator downloads data from, SeattleDMR, and Repeaterbook to combine into a WA/OR regional codeplug.

The main repo (mycodeplug/dzcb) contains the python source and builds codeplugs with default settings for the MD-UV380, MD-UV390, MD380, MD390, 578, 868, 878, and OpenGD77.

The mycodeplug/example-codeplug repo leverages the dzcb tool and adds some additional customizations:

  • A list of repeater book locations for analog
  • Custom zone and contact ordering
  • Additional scanlists

downloading the generated codeplug

Anyone can fork mycodeplug/example-codeplug, enable github actions, and build their own customized codeplugs in the cloud. See walkthrough for a step by step guide.

See project for supported input/output formats and more usage information.

Miscellaneous Project Posts

Upcoming Projects

  • - coordinating propagation testing
  • qsowatch - a new way of visualizing DMR network traffic
  • USB+standalone PTT switch w/ PC data+voice for Yaesu FT-2900
  • HF multiband wire dipole
  • Roll up J Pole (portable antenna)
  • Cell phone autopatch

Landing page / planning for my online DMR code plug editor in early development.