2023-01-15 Weekly Ham Radio Activities

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Upcoming Events 🗓

  • 01/18 Wed 19:00 LCARA Business Meeting at LCARA clubhouse
    • ZOOM link will be sent out on Wednesday morning

Saturday 1/21

The third Saturday of each month is typically a training and operating day at the LCARA clubhouse, however, this Saturday we will be operating the station from the beginning of the ARRL VHF Contest period at 11:00 PST 2023-01-21 until around 16:00 PST 2023-01-21.

The recently upgraded W7DG club station will be operated with the following capabilities.

  • IC-7610 on 6m SSB - Beam
  • IC-7100 on 2m + 70cm SSB - Vertical
  • IC-9100 on 2m + 70cm + 23cm SSB - Beam
  • FT-736R on 1.25m SSB - Vertical
  • IC-705 on 2m + 70cm SSB - Vertical [REMOTE station]

Later on

February 8, 2023 - Presentation Night: Homebrew Quad Loop

Brian KJ7OX shares his experience with building and operating a vertically oriented, horizontally polarized, rectangular quad loop for 10 meters.

With 10m activity increasing, this is a great build to get on the air and catch some DX, particularly as the solar cycle continues to increase. You don’t need to hold a General class license to get on HF!

Brian's Antenna Analysis

For more information on this antenna build, supplies, and dimensions please see the following links:

Nets ✅

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