2023-01-22 Weekly Ham Radio Activities

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Recap 🔁

  • 01/18 LCARA Business Meeting

January VHF Contest

Last Saturday (1/21) W7DG participated in the ARRL VHF Contest at the LCARA clubhouse. There was a great turnout, and we were operating 3 stations simultaneously throughout most of the day.

As of Sunday afternoon, the club had amassed 89 contacts across different bands and modes for a total of 2,754 points, we’ll see if that’s enough to place.

Thanks to everyone who came by and supported the club.

Upcoming Events 🗓

  • 01/25 Wed 19:00 LCARA Technical Committee at LCARA clubhouse
  • 01/28 - 01/30: Winter Field Day (unofficial)


At the last business meeting, we decided to bring 50/50 raffles back to the LCARA Business meetings, and potentially other events. Matt, KD7BBJ, has graciously agreed to organize the effort, so all you need to do to participate is bring some cash with you when attending the next LCARA Business meeting on Wednesday, Feb 15th!

February 8, 2023 - Presentation Night: Homebrew Quad Loop

Brian KJ7OX shares his experience with building and operating a vertically oriented, horizontally polarized, rectangular quad loop for 10 meters.

With 10m activity increasing, this is a great build to get on the air and catch some DX, particularly as the solar cycle continues to increase. You don’t need to hold a General class license to get on HF!

Brian's Antenna Analysis

For more information on this antenna build, supplies, and dimensions please see the following links:

Nets ✅

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