2023-04-23 Weekly Ham Radio Activities

Maybe you’re looking for next week’s or last week’s newsletter?

… well, two week’s ago’s newsletter, because 04/16 seems lost in the ether.

Recap 🔁

  • 04/12 Wed LCARA Presentation Night with Brian KJ7OX
    • Had some audio sync issues with the recording, and unfortunately could not capture the display. Recording will be posted when I can resync the audio correctly 🤞.
  • 04/19 Wed LCARA Business Meeting at LCARA Clubhouse [Minutes] (PDF)

Upcoming Events 🗓

  • 04/26 Wed 19:00 LCARA Technical Meeting at LCARA Clubhouse
    • It says 19:00, but is usually starts when an informal quorum is reached, sometimes 18:30 or earlier.

04/29 WSDOT Communication Exercise

This Saturday, April 29th, Cowlitz County ACS will be participating in a WSDOT message passing exercise from the LCARA clubhouse between 10:00 and 12:00p.

Members are welcome to come by to participate and observe.

Nets ✅

Triband Wire Yagi

Markus Hansen, VE7CA describes how to build and deploy a triband wire yagi with good performance numbers. This beam antenna is a 6 wire antenna which covers 10, 15 & 20 meters and is 2 elements per band. This could be deployed in the field for portable ops or permanently installed at a home station.

Main Overview Diagram for VE7CA's 2-element wire triband Yagi

Try it out and get building!

Shared by Brian, KJ7OX,

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